Got Welded Wire? We Do! (and fresh ideas for how to use it)

Arizona Iron Supply understands the value of ordering Phoenix metal materials and having them available to you right away. Our ability to provide you with needed metal items the same day will improve your productivity, your reputation with your customers and contractors, and your stress level. AZ Iron Supply keeps a handful of our most popular items in stock at all times, so your production and project schedule stay on target.

One of the items we always keep in stock is welded wire. In case you’re not as familiar with this product, or only know one or two uses for it, here are some ideas for how you can incorporate welded wire into your work with metal:

  • In the garden or yard

    Welded wire can be used to build a fence, or supplement a current wooden fence, to keep pets or pests where you want them. Welded wire can also serve as a trellis for climbing or vining plants. We’ve seen clients use this material as a trellis doubling as an effective privacy screen. Wondering if welded wire is strong? With its strong cross points and inflexible openings, it’s more durable and will withstand the test of time better than a woven or chain link fence.

  • On stairways

    Welded wire has long been used as a safety feature on industrial staircases. However, interior designers are starting to incorporate welded wire in homes and offices for its aesthetic properties. Panels of welded wire provide a unique design when used instead of, or in addition to, balusters. Whether used along with wooden beams or metal railings, welded wire turns the look of the staircase into an artful conversation piece.  

  • For security

    When you need a perimeter secured, welded wire could be a smart option. Because it’s strong, difficult to penetrate, and provides very little opportunity to easily climb, welded wire is a great choice when you need to secure a structure. It’s easy enough to work with to make it ideal for a short-term solution, yet durable enough to act as a long-term installment.

  • As a helpful storage solution

    On a construction site, things can get disorganized in a hurry. Welded wire can be used as a divider for different construction materials. It’s tough enough to withstand any material and volume you need. Made into a box, it can also provide a safe, impact-proof area to store personal essentials.

  • For concrete work

    When it comes to laying concrete, some rely solely on steel bars for extra reinforcement. Welded wire happens to be extremely durable and strong, and tends to be more cost-friendly than bars. Welded wire works well for structures like roadways, columns, or work when slabs are needed. Wire panels help keep the concrete materials together and stable as they dry. Then, if cracks appear, the mesh helps keep the concrete area intact.

Arizona Iron Supply is your go-to for welded wire in Arizona. We strive to always have this popular item in stock, ensuring you don’t incur excessive waiting times to get what you need. 

Give us a call with any metal-related questions, the experts on our staff will help, offer suggestions, explore options, and answer all your questions.