January 29, 2024 in ARIZONA IRON SUPPLY, fabrication, laser cutting, Plasma Cutting

Why Use CNC Plasma Cutting?

Metal production and metal construction are ever-evolving fields. One technological advancement in the metal processing field that we’re especially excited about is CNC plasma cutting. Within metal processing, CNC plasma cutting has emerged as an innovative and important technology. Computer numerical technology, abbreviated to CNC, combines with powerful plasma cutting capabilities to achieve pristine precision and efficiency with metal cutting. 

With CNC plasma cutting, an accelerated jet of hot plasma that is able to cut through metal using extreme heat, is controlled by a computer. When applied to metal such as steel sheet metal, this process allows for all kinds of designs and shapes, even very intricate patterns, to be cut with precision.

At Arizona Iron Supply, our customers have been thrilled to learn about our CNC plasma cutting machine, and even happier with their finished products. Here are just a few of the benefits of CNC plasma cutting:

It allows for versatility

Our CNC plasma cutting machine can use a variety of metals, and is able to adapt to different materials and thicknesses. This means that whether your cutting requirements are related to artistic creations, industrial metal components, or automotive parts, Arizona Iron Supply can accommodate your needs for CNC plasma cutting in Arizona.

It’s very precise

CNC plasma cutting allows for minimal errors and metal waste. This becomes very important when you or your customers have exact cutting specifications, and parts must fit seamlessly when being assembled. This precision also reduces material cost thanks to the very low error and waste rate.

Its efficiency is unmatched

Through CNC plasma cutting, Arizona Iron Supply offers our customers reduced production times for all cutting jobs, especially when compared to traditional cutting methods. No matter the size or complexity, Arizona Iron Supply is your go-to for intricate metal cutting in Phoenix.

It supports sustainability

The precision that our CNC plasma cutting machine uses produces significantly less waste than other methods of metal fabrication. The ability to program the cutting machine to accommodate specific layouts and patterns makes CNC plasma cutting in Phoenix the responsible choice for environmentally-conscious metal consumers.

At Arizona Iron Supply, we strive to make the CNC plasma cutting process even more convenient and efficient for our customers. We aim for convenience first by allowing you the ability to send us a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) file or a Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) with the pattern and specifications you require. We can also deliver your CNC plasma cutting order directly to you. This means that you can have your exact requests met and your project brought to your location of choice, allowing you to attend to other important matters in your Arizona metal fabrication business or hobby.

As metal fabrication technology continues to evolve, the need for CNC plasma cutting will play an even larger role in emerging metal technology. And throughout these changes, you can feel confident that Arizona Iron Supply will continue to provide you with “cutting edge” services while maintaining the great customer service you’ve grown to expect and appreciate.