March 25, 2024 in ARIZONA IRON SUPPLY

Quality In, Quality Out

In the construction industry in Arizona, the success of a business is only as strong as the entities supporting it. When choosing a metal supply company, the stakes are high to ensure that quality materials and processes are utilized from the very beginning. And since metal materials form the backbone of nearly every construction project, the importance of a quality, reliable metal supply company cannot be overstated.

Quality materials = solid foundations

At the core of every industrial development or fabrication project lies the need for durable metal materials that will last for generations to come. With this in mind, you need a reputable metal supply company who’s not willing to cut corners, and who consistently provides top-notch metal materials. From structural steel, to stainless steel, to copper, and aluminum, quality materials sourced from a reliable supplier lay the foundation for durable structures that will stand strong. Arizona Iron Supply, as part of Davis Industries Inc., is proud to be part of the largest metal entity in the state of Arizona. Our high-quality metal products keep our customers returning again and again for top-graded material they can rely on.

Efficient delivery processes = timelines met

When you have strict project deadlines, the last thing you need is for a delivery hiccup to cause a domino effect of delays. Arizona Iron Supply understands the importance of timely metal delivery in Phoenix, and we work closely with our industrial clients to ensure that materials arrive on-site when needed. Our team provides individualized attention and detailed communication, so our clients are never left in the dark.

Expert team members = valuable support

Metal purchasing can be a complex, confusing process. With nearly endless options of metals available and varying characteristics for each option, you need a reliable source for guidance. Arizona Metal Supply is so much more than a metal supply company; we serve as advisors who offer expertise, suggestions, and answers to customer questions so they can make informed choices. Whether it’s recommending the right type of metal for a specific application, providing guidance on fabrication techniques, or discussing the capabilities of different metal options, our team possesses the knowledge and passion to fully address every issue.

Customization capabilities = satisfied customers

One size does NOT fit all with industrial metal needs, and every construction project is unique. No matter the size of the job, we custom-cut materials and figure out delivery solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Have a complex custom design need? The CNC Plasma Cutting capabilities at Arizona Iron Supply allows you to simply send us a DXF or CAD file and we’ll create the product you need.

Success in the construction industry is built on trust, quality, and communication.

Davis Industries Inc. has been in business for over 70 years and is a trusted partner in the Arizona industrial metal landscape. As part of Davis Industries, Arizona Iron Supply is proud to be a top supplier of metal piping, metal sheeting, metal tubes, ornamental metal, and much more to the Phoenix construction industry. With quality you can trust and expertise you can count on, we’re here to make your metal purchasing a great experience.