April 24, 2024 in ARIZONA IRON SUPPLY, stainless steel

The Surprising Benefits of Working With Stainless Steel

Don’t let its universal abundance fool you; even though stainless steel is found just about everywhere, this metal is anything but boring.

Stainless steel is unique in its versatility, and its many uses include surgical tools, jewelry, automotive bodies, cookware, art installments, outdoor landmarks, medical implants, bridges, and much, much more. 

Wondering what it is about stainless steel that makes it the perfect choice for so many different and varied applications? Or whether it’s the best choice of metal for your next project? Here are a few things to truly appreciate stainless steel, some of which may surprise even the most seasoned metal fabricator in Arizona.

  • It’s easy to work with

    With the right tools, this metal can be formed, welded, bent, and cut to whatever specifications your job requires. Its composition, which can include iron, nickel, chromium, and other elements, allows stainless steel to keep its strength while being shaped.

  • Long-lasting value

    When considering relative life cycle costs, stainless steel is often the least-expensive option. Stainless steel is considered virtually maintenance-free, and has a long lifespan. And when you add in the fact that this metal is comparatively inexpensive to purchase, its value is undeniable.

  • Lots of beauty for your buck

    Stainless steel is sleek, shiny, and has a modern and clean appearance. It’s available in a variety of finishes including satin, polished, or brushed, and is easy to clean or sanitize. And the fact that it retains its beauty for decades makes is even more attractive.

  • It’s earth-friendly

    This metal’s ability to be recycled over and over again, without losing any of its properties, makes stainless steel an environmentally sound choice. Nearly 50% of this metal we use today is recycled, and our hope is that this number increases in the future. Recycling stainless steel in Phoenix reduces the demand for new material, and reduces the need for energy-using metal mining and production.

  • Great ratios

    Stainless steel is lightweight compared to its strength, making it the ideal choice when weight is a concern. This weight-to-strength ration becomes a crucial consideration with bridge construction, aircraft fabrication, automotive production, and other building construction.

  • It can take the heat . . . and cold

    This metal is a great choice when fabricating items that will be facing extreme temperatures. Stainless steel can withstand very high and very low temperatures without having its properties affected.

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