December 7, 2023 in ARIZONA IRON SUPPLY, Ornamental Metals Phoenix

What’s Great About Ornamental Metals?

Are you tired of replacing your fence, railings, or door hardware so often, and are ready to commit to the timeless beauty of decorative metal? You’ve come to the right place. Decorative metal in Phoenix is a logical choice for those wanting beauty and durability both inside and outside of their business or office. Arizona Iron Supply boasts a vast inventory of decorative metals in many patterns, shapes, and sizes.

When you choose ornamental or decorative metal for your home or workspace, you’re making a sustainable and earth-friendly choice. Since metal can be used and recycled endlessly, you can feel good about embracing this eco-friendly material. Your customers, friends, and family will also appreciate that you’ve made the earth-friendly choice.

People have been appreciating the importance of decorative metals for centuries. The roots of ornamental metalwork can be traced back thousands of years. One of the earliest examples of metalwork is from artists of ancient civilizations. We know that some artists showed their metalworking skill on the gates of the Temple of Jerusalem which dates to around 950 BC. Then, during the medieval and Renaissance periods, ornamental metalwork was produced by ironworkers and blacksmiths who created beautiful iron gates, chandeliers, and decorative grilles. 

Today, ornamental metalwork is growing in popularity, thanks in part to how it bridges the gap between function and beauty. Its primary function, of course, is to provide unparalleled security and structural support. But nearly as important is how it adds to the visual appeal of a building, living space, or work environment. Because of this dual role, ornamental metal in Arizona is a valuable addition to any structure.

Wondering about the other benefits to choosing ornamental metal instead of other materials? 

  • It’s tough

    Metal, especially when properly treated, is resistant to weather- or time-related wear or damage. It’s also resistant to rust.

  • It’s versatile

    Metal can be shaped into intricate and customized designs, allowing for greater choice and creativity for consumers.

  • It’s low-maintenance

    Many ornamental metal items require minimal maintenance. Without the staining, warping, fading, or breaking that regularly occur with other materials, decorative metal is a practical choice for all kinds of buildings, structures, or design profiles.

  • It’s classic

    Because of the history surrounding ornamental metal, the use of this beautiful medium carries cultural significance. It is a craft that has been passed down through generations. Adding it to your structure can create a timeless and classic feel.

  • It’s economical

    When you infuse decorative metal into your yard, home, or business, you’re saying a happy “see ya!” to years of repairing, re-staining, sanding, and repainting. It will bring a great peace of mind, knowing you’ve made a sound investment in the future that will benefit your wallet and the quality of your free time.

Come into our shop, explore our ornamental metal selection, and ask questions to our staff of seasoned professionals. We can help you decide what’s best for your balcony railings, stairway railings, doors on homes or offices, gates and fences, art installment, and much more.