December 4, 2023 in ARIZONA IRON SUPPLY, Blog, Iron, Sheet Metal, stainless steel, Steel

How You Can Elevate Your Holiday Festivities with Metal

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to break away from the traditional décor and boring gift ideas and explore the sophisticated touch metal can bring. From inside and outside décor to metal-infused gifts, you and your loved ones will appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of metal touches.

  • Metal sheeting to the rescue

With the metal sheeting supply in Phoenix that you can find at Arizona Iron Supply, the sky’s the limit when it comes to holiday décor. Whether your fancy is larger-than-life nativity cutouts, tree ornament shapes in a variety of metal sheeting shades and finishes, metal stars to adorn inside and outside spaces, or metal snowflakes of any size, you’ll find what you need at our warehouse. Whether corrugated or flat, matte or shiny, our Phoenix metal sheeting is ready to be molded or cut to fit any holiday decoration motif. 

Don’t want to cut metal to create your décor? Arizona Iron Supply will happily cut your metal to any size. This means that the metal bands around your tree stand or the magnetic metal sheet you affix to the wall for the kids’ holiday magnets can be cut in our warehouse to your exact specification. Your ideas plus our stellar customer service equal truly great creations.

  • Gifting with metal

Metal is a unique and thoughtful holiday gift because it lasts forever. While clothes get torn or shrunken, and jewelry gets broken or misplaced, the metal-based gift you give will have a wonderful lasting impact. A few of our favorite metal gift ideas include fashioning and embellishing metal shelves, putting together oversized 3-D metal initials or names, using a combination of wood and metal to make decorative signs, and putting together elegant-yet-functional metal planters.

  • Replace the decorative metal in your home

Looking for an updated, sophisticated look for holiday gatherings? You may be surprised to see how a few easy metal upgrades can really change your living space aesthetic. Consider updating your railing balusters, door fixtures, gate latches, or decorative iron castings with any of the beautiful items in our warehouse or on our website.  And don’t forget to bring your old metal items to Davis Metals to be recycled so you can get paid to be environmentally responsible!

As many people begin to prioritize buying (or receiving!) gifts that are more sustainably resourced, we believe holiday traditions that include metal will become even more popular over the next few years. This is for good reason; metals are beautiful, most metals can be recycled indefinitely, and metal allows for nearly endless creativity. That means that you can feel good about gifting someone something that is attractive, sustainable, won’t end up in a landfill.

Still have questions about how you can incorporate metal into your holiday experience? Let our team of experts provide ideas, answer questions, and assist with the cutting and processing of your order.

We sincerely hope that your holiday season is filled with love, joy, and a new touch of style with the metal you incorporate into your traditions and décor. At Arizona Iron Supply we’re always honored to be a part of your lives, but it feels extra special during the holiday season.