February 25, 2022 in Aluminum, Blog

Advantages of Aluminum in Arizona

Aluminum is the most abundant metal on Earth, and also the most versatile. Applications range from electronics and automotive to packaging and construction. Aluminum can be melted, cast, formed, and machined for a vast array of functions. Arizona Iron Supply of Phoenix offers a wide selection of aluminum products for your next project. Read on to learn some of the many advantages of aluminum.

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. 

Melting aluminum down to its molten form does not change the properties of the metal. Aluminum can be melted and reused again and again without any loss in quality. The lifespan of aluminum is longer than its application – when a part wears out, it can be remodeled into another product with a new lifespan. A recycled aluminum can could be back on the shelf as a new product in less than two months. Nearly 75% of all aluminum produced in the United States is still in use today.

Aluminum is sustainable.

Producing recycled aluminum uses only a fraction of the energy cost of mining and smelting primary aluminum. Recycling aluminum lowers energy costs and carbon emissions. A ten percent increase in end-of-life recycling rates decreases greenhouse gas emissions by fifteen percent. Aluminum can be recycled directly back into itself without any loss of quality. It is one of the only materials in the consumer stream that basically pays for the cost of its own collection.

Aluminum is rust-resistant. 

Aluminum generates a protective oxide coating that prevents contact with corroding agents in the environment. This natural rust resistance makes aluminum invaluable to the automotive industry. The high strength aluminum alloys used for automotive parts improve fuel efficiency in vehicles by lightening the load. The durability of aluminum means the parts do not need to be replaced as often. Used parts can be easily recycled – in fact, most recycled aluminum comes from used auto parts.

Aluminum is ideal for green building.

Green builders choose aluminum for more than its sustainability. Aluminum is durable, low-maintenance and non-corrosive, an ideal material for green plumbing, roofing, and siding. Aluminum reflects heat and visible light – coated aluminum roofing reflects up to 95% of sunlight, reducing the energy costs of cooling. High strength aluminum-alloy window frames can support enormous panes of glass and solar panels. Its light weight makes aluminum less costly to transport than steel, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. 

Aluminum is impermeable and odorless. 

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and of foods and beverages prefer aluminum packaging because it preserves the product inside without adding any metallic flavor. Craft beer brewers are increasingly turning to aluminum over glass for many reasons. Aluminum is very lightweight compared to glass, so that brewers can ship their product at a fraction of the weight. Aluminum also preserves the freshness of the beer better than glass, which is permeable to light and oxygen. 

Aluminum has many advantages in Phoenix! Contact us at Arizona Iron Supply, or stop by our Phoenix warehouse for all your aluminum needs.

Image credit: homw via Pixabay