But Where Have All the Workers Gone?

It’s hard to not take personally. You hire Phoenix construction workers, make sure they’re happy and trained, and the next day they’re gone. You comb through referral sources and colleague recommendations to no avail. Think you’ll have luck with online job postings? Not likely. The labor shortage for Arizona construction is real, and it’s not pretty. Yahoo Finance estimates that the construction industry will need to add about 650,000 workers on top of what would be the typical hiring pace for 2022. And while at one time those in the construction field could pocket a high and competitive wage compared to other industries, this perk has lost some of its power as food service, retail, and other labor jobs continue to raise their own hourly pay for employees, hoping to avoid a similar labor crisis.

So what is a construction business owner in the Phoenix area to do? We have some ideas, and maybe they’ll be helpful for you.

Be mindful of workloads

Does your company do a lot of seasonal work? Making strides to keep your employees busy year-round, with promise of more steady work to come, might keep them from looking elsewhere.

Keep it safe

Using high-grade machinery, complete with air-conditioning and radio, can make working for your company pleasurable. Make sure your worksites are clean, safe, and properly stocked with everything your employees need to be healthy and productive

Quality matters

Employ high standards for the materials you use, and your employees will appreciate it. When you get your Phoenix metal from a quality supplier such as AZ Iron Supply, you’ll find that the metal is cleaner and nicer to cut and work with. And you can be assured that our measurements will be precise, and orders will be accurate. At AZ Iron Supply you’ll find metal experts who will handle your industrial account with confidence, efficiency, and exceptional care.

Show some heart

To employees, a little thoughtfulness can make or break a decision to stay. Consider hosting holiday parties for the crew. Offer a thank-you reward of an extra paid day off for a job well done. Travel around the construction sites with food (we’ve found doughnuts and coffee are always appreciated) and take a few minutes to connect with your team. Better yet, fire up the grill on-site and prepare a barbecued lunch for the group.

Be straightforward

Keeping employees in the loop about any issues, news, or happenings help them realize that they are valued. Consider holding regular meetings with ample time for workers to speak up with questions or concerns. Giving employees a glimpse of what the future might hold for your company can provide valuable incentive to stick around, and work hard.

Keep current

As with everywhere else in society, technology is becoming a mainstay in construction. Even if you employ a more “old school” mindset, you’ll need to recognize that computers hold the future of construction. Allow yourself and your employees to receive the necessary education so everyone can feel confident in their ability to stay technologically savvy.

You can feel confident that by using AZ Iron Supply we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your employees are well-equipped with high-quality metals that are provided on time. Even with a struggling labor force, construction in Phoenix has a bright future. We can’t wait to work with you for your industrial accounts, and do our part to make you and your crew happy.