April 28, 2022 in Blog

How Are Twisted Square Bars and Tubing Used?

Twisted square bars and twisted square tubing have a wide variety of decorative and practical uses. From balustrades to curtain rods, twisted square bars and tubing add ornamental details to both interior and exterior designs. For twisted square bar suppliers in Phoenix, look no further than Arizona Iron Supply. We stock numerous sizes and styles of twisted square bars and tubes for railings, lighting, patio furniture, and more.

What are twisted square bars and tubing used for?

Twisted square bars and tubing not only add decorative metal features to architectural and interior design, they are also very functional. Twisting a square shape improves its rigidity, and makes twisted square bars even stronger than straight bars. Furniture or railings made from twisted square bars will resist damage from daily use and last a long time. Twisted square bars and tubing are both practical and ornamental.

Some examples of uses for twisted square bars include:

  • wrought iron railings or balustrades
  • brass curtain rods
  • lighting fixtures and lamp posts
  • door or drawer handles
  • outdoor patio furniture
  • fences and balcony railings

What is the difference between twisted square bars and twisted square tubing?

Twisted square bars are mainly used for outdoor or structural applications like railings and fences because they are so strong and durable. Twisted square tubing is used most often for interior decoration. Its hollow structure makes it ideal for electrical lighting and for wall features like curtain rods. Lighter and less expensive than solid square bars, twisted tubing is still very strong and will not dent or bend easily. 

What types of twisted square bars and tubing are there?

Twisted square bars and tubing come in a variety of styles. You can choose between a continuous twist or incremental twist, depending on your preference. They can be made from almost any metal—stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. Ask us if you have any questions about which type you need. As twisted square bar suppliers, the experts at Arizona Iron Supply will know how to find the best metal products for your project. 

Twisted Square Bar Supplier in Phoenix

If you’re looking for twisted square bar suppliers in Phoenix or Scottsdale, contact Arizona Iron Supply today. Whether you need twisted square bars for architectural features or interior design, we’ll help you choose the best materials for your application. Call 800-528-9875 or visit one of our local warehouses to learn more.


Photo by Muhamad Reza Junianto on Unsplash