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Industrial Applications for Aluminum Metal Channels

Aluminum metal channels have a wide array of applications in construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Their high electrical conductivity and conductive and reflective properties make them ideal for both heat transfer and heat shields. Non-corrosive and a fraction of the weight of steel, aluminum is environmentally friendly and extremely versatile. The experts at Arizona Iron Supply in Phoenix will help you select the right type of aluminum metal channels for your industrial needs.


Many aspects of construction projects call for a lightweight, non-corrosive material like aluminum. Uses for aluminum metal channels abound in the construction industry—from scaffolding braces, to electrical conduits, to tracks for LED lighting. Because of their heat-resistant properties, electricians use aluminum channels for protecting and insulating electrical wiring. Aluminum channels are also a valuable component in HVAC systems. Contractors and builders use aluminum metal channels for framing windows and doors, trimming drywall, and decorative features. 


Using lightweight, environmentally-friendly aluminum channels in transportation further reduces carbon emissions. Trailers and truck beds rely on lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum for transporting machinery, raw materials, and commercial goods. The low cost, light weight, and corrosion resistance of aluminum as well as its high tensile strength make it particularly valuable in aerospace engineering. Specially designed aircraft grade aluminum channels are used to build airplanes, jets, and even spacecraft. 

Transmission Towers

Aluminum withstands heavy loads and resists deterioration. Environmental conditions like moisture, wind, and UV exposure do not affect aluminum. Wireless communications, television, and radio all depend on broadcast towers and antennas made from aluminum channels. As an efficient conductor, aluminum is also an optimal material for constructing high voltage utility towers. Electrical engineering applications for aluminum towers span all utilities, from communications to solar energy production. 


The machinability of aluminum metal channels gives them many applications in general manufacturing. Aluminum channels are ideal for fabricating racks, shelving, ladders, and other supports because they are strong and easily welded together. Warehouse storage and scaffolding both use aluminum channels. The chemical processing, medical manufacturing, and food service industries all use equipment made from aluminum channels.

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