July 29, 2022 in ARIZONA IRON SUPPLY, Blog, Steel

Hot Rolled versus Cold Rolled Metals

Rolling metals is the process of metal passing through rollers for the purpose of creating uniform thickness, reducing thickness, or imparting a specific property. And if you read through our product list you’ll notice that we have in stock a variety of both hot rolled and cold rolled metals including sheets, solid rounds, and more. You might wonder what the difference is between hot rolled and cold rolled metals, and which one you should be using for your Phoenix construction project. 

Hot rolled metal has been processed and roll-pressed at an extremely high temperature, above 1,700 degrees, which is above the temperature needed for the metal to recrystallize. The hot pressing and hot rolling method begins with a large metal sheet called a billet, which is flattened, pressed, and heated, and then formed into the desired form. This process creates a product that is easy to work with and molds well to the shape needed. 

Why might hot rolled metal be for you? For one, hot rolled metal allows a lower cost because of the minimal processing needed. Hot rolled metal tends to have no internal stresses, as it is cooled at room temperature. This makes it ideal for mass-produced items such as railway equipment, automobile parts, hand tools, and construction equipment. Hot rolled metal is more malleable and bendable, and yet remains a solid, strong metal choice.

Some potential drawbacks of hot rolled metal include its characteristically rounded corners and edges, a patterned or “scaly” looking surface, a rough texture, and the possibility for not-exact right angles at the corners.

Cold rolled metal is basically hot rolled metal that undergoes additional processing. The manufacturer takes the hot rolled metal and then rerolls it at room temperature.

Why might cold rolled metal be for you? It’s not prone to distortions or shrinking, allowing you a more precise, uniform product. Cold rolled metal is also up to 25% stronger that hot rolled metal, making it ideal for home appliances, metal furniture, aerospace materials, lockers, filing cabinets, garages, sheds, and more. Cold rolled steel has a smoother, more uniformed finish, and the edges are more exact. If a precise cut and smooth finish is what your project calls for, then cold rolled metal is the choice for you.

Drawbacks of cold rolled steel include its higher price. Also, it comes in fewer shapes and forms, and it could contain internal stresses, opening up the possibility for warping.

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