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Ten Everyday Metal Products Made from Iron

You probably use many metal products over the course of the day without even realizing it. Iron products are all around us. They can be found in the kitchen, in the backyard, under the floors, and in the car. From cast iron to stainless steel, metal products made from iron are an integral part of our everyday lives. At Arizona Iron Supply in Phoenix, we specialize in iron and steel because we believe they are the highest quality metals on the market.

Ten Everyday Products Made from Iron

1: Appliances

Most standard household appliances—refrigerators, sinks, stoves, dishwashers, laundry machines, even your toaster—are made of stainless steel, which is at least 98% iron. Steel is heat resistant and extremely strong; adding chromium to the alloy prevents the iron from corroding. Its durability, heat resistance, and rust resistance make stainless steel an obvious choice for appliances.

2: Cutlery and Cookware

Your kitchen has a lot of metal products. You probably use stainless steel knives and utensils, steel pots and pans, or a cast iron skillet every day. You might even carry a stainless steel water bottle. Kitchenware made from iron is long-lasting and easy to clean.

3: Barbecue Grills

Your backyard grill or smoker is also made of iron. Cast iron charcoal grills, stainless steel gas grills, or an enameled cast iron kamado grills are all made from iron. Because it conducts heat so well, iron is an ideal material for outdoor cookers. 

4: Hammers and Nails

Hammers are made of high-carbon hardened steel for strength and durability. Throughout history, hammers have been made from iron because of its heavy weight. Nails were also made from iron for its strength—today most nails are made from steel, an iron-carbon alloy that is even stronger. 

5: Magnets

Magnets are everywhere—from your smartphone to your computer to your car—and they wouldn’t work without iron. When exposed to a magnetic field, free electrons in iron atoms will align, polarize, and retain permanent magnetic properties. Even the tiniest electromagnets are made from a coil of fine steel wire.

6: Automotive Parts

Your vehicle is primarily made of steel. On average, it takes 900 kg of steel to make a car or truck. The chassis and body panels, doors, hinges, drive train, engine block, and suspension components are all made of iron and steel. 

7: Bicycle Locks

If you commute by bike, you probably have a lock made of metal. The strongest U-locks are made of hardened, laminated steel that can withstand extreme pressure as well as extreme temperatures. No amount of brute strength or dry ice will break this type of steel.

8: Gym Equipment

When you lift weights at the gym you are quite literally pumping iron. Most weight lifting equipment is made from iron, beginning with the humble hexagonal dumbbell. The bench press bar, the weight plates, and the machines themselves are all constructed from iron and steel.

9: Golf Clubs

A wide variety of sporting equipment is made from metal—the range spans alpine climbing to water skiing. Perhaps the most obvious implement is the driving iron. The heads of golf clubs are made from iron, because it retains its strength even at sharply inclined striking angles. The shaft of a golf club is often made from lightweight stainless steel for a swifter swing.

10: Plumbing

Even if you don’t think about your plumbing that often, it is definitely something you use every day. Pipes for plumbing are made of steel that has been galvanized with a rust-resistant zinc coating. Every time you brush your teeth or flush the toilet, you’re using iron products.

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